The heart wants what it wants..

Hurriedly closing the small door of her locker, she thought about the history test the day after. Little did she know, she was about to create some ‘history’ of her own. There he was, in his football jersey all sweaty from the victory he just earned his team.Turning around was not so easy for her this one time. It turned her life upside down, for better or worse ? You decide. She’d never felt this way before. The little storm in her stomach was an alien feeling she made fun of when others told her about it. Was it weird ? Sure. But special..very special.In some tiny little corner of her heart she knew it wasn’t the right thing to do but the heart wants what it wants.

She looked at him in awe with her eyes full of lust. This sparkling lust was soon going to turn to dust which was going to pollute her body, mind and soul. It was bizarre and of course stupid of her to feel for somebody who hates on her for writing that brutal criticism of his team’s performance in the school newspaper. Instead of feeling gloomy for the hundred reasons she couldn’t have him, she smiled endlessly cherishing this brand new feeling. Yes, she was in love. It was perhaps the most alive she had ever felt. She enviously watched another girl in his arms from a distance. Sobbed. She was rendered helpless at the hands of love. This is’nt a sugar coated cliche in which the girl transformed into a doll, got the boy to feel the same way for her and they lived happily ever after. This is the bitter reality which every girl goes through at least once in her life.No,she never even talked to him. She cried herself to sleep on her wet pillow for months to come. Maybe first love isn’t so sweet after all.

I can’t say ‘The End’ because it never will. She will never completely lose the helplessness and pain of not being loved back. It will knock at her door every single time she tries to forget about it. It might fade away with time but it will live forever. Even in the vaguest form possible. It will live.


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