Flipping through the glossy pages of a glamorous magazine, she came across the most dreaded question of all time.”Do you love yourself ?” it said. She quickly turned the page and pretended like she never read it. But how could she forget reading it after all ? Days went by and she had no answer..

Sometimes she would sit in front of the T.V and eat all the food she could without bunk.
Sometimes she would stand on the scale realizing why it’s called ‘Junk’.

Sometimes she felt like the prettiest girl with her open hair and bare face free from flaws.
Sometimes no cosmetic in the world could make her realize how beautiful she was.

Sometimes she couldn’t take her eyes off the mirror.
Sometimes taking a single look was nothing short of a horror.

Sometimes one single compliment could make her day.
Sometimes one single comment could break her days.

Sometimes she would console herself saying, “This isn’t the right time for love”.
Sometimes she sobbed praying for it to the god above.

I watched her slowly immerse in the quicksand of self hate. And now I knew she didn’t love me but I did so I told her..

I told her that her beauty was beyond comprehension and she needed no validation.
I told her that her ‘Followers’ shouldn’t decide if she should follow her dreams.
I told her that it wasn’t okay for her to resort to an unhealthy lifestyle just because they said ‘Love your curves’ with a smile.
I told her that the ‘Likes’ on her pictures shouldn’t have the power to make her ‘Unlike’ herself.
I told her that she will be loved one day and everything will be okay.

While she looked in the mirror with all the courage she could gather, I told her.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes..

  1. Firdaus Goin Strong God Bless And Great Lines Thoughtfull Thoughts Keep Goin 🙂 😘😘😘😘😘 😍😍😍💕💕👌👌


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